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Rubber is one of the most ubiquitous materials across all industry sectors. Its wide range of mechanical applications requires high levels of technological expertise, which Rubber Road has built up over more than half a century.

Our compounds and materials are of highest quality and durability, customized for any specific demands of chemical, oil, water, pressure, weather and/or abrasion resistance, etc.  

At Rubber Road we only use the best raw materials and we continuously fine-tune our recipes to increase reliability and durability of our rubber compound mixes and final molded parts. We monitor the quality of every product batch by our in-house laboratory.


We produce and supply a highest quality rubber compound for a wide range of applications, our rubber compound manufacturing is useful for other rubber manufacturing plants and tire retreading manufacturers, besides custom rubber molded parts – rubber spare parts and industrial rubber rollers (including offset, flexo, roto and web printing rollers).

Short supply chains, local compound production and just-in-time delivery, together with our vast technological expertise in compound mixing reduce curing time of rubber compound and molded parts by orders of magnitude.


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Extended life-cycles of our products reduce maintenance cost for our customers at highly competitive prices for all products in our range.

We understand our clients’ specific needs and functional requirements, and we work closely together with them to reach results of consistent and continuously improving excellence.